Investor Visa in Bahrain

What is Investor Visa ?

Attracting global investors, Bahrain introduces the ‘Investor Visa in Bahrain’ program, tailored for entrepreneurs seeking business opportunities. This initiative enables foreign investors to establish, work, and reside in Bahrain as they drive their investment projects. Known as the ‘Investor Resident Permit,’ this prestigious visa is available to foreign business owners, aligning with Bahrain’s progressive immigration policy. This approach not only stimulates economic growth and job creation but also underscores Bahrain’s commitment to incentivizing and recognizing international investors. 

The Investor Resident Permit, commonly referred to as the Investor Visa, is a coveted resident permit offered to foreign investors in Bahrain. Under the Kingdom of Bahrain’s progressive immigration law, foreign investors who own businesses within the country are eligible to apply for this visa. This strategic initiative not only fosters economic growth through job creation and capital investment but also reflects Bahrain’s commitment to attracting and rewarding international investors with an exclusive visa policy.

Obtaining an Investor Visa in Bahrain:

There is two options to get Investor Visa in Bahrain

To secure an Investor Visa in Bahrain, individuals have two options: they can either register a new company in Bahrain or acquire shares of an existing company in the country. The LMRA (Labor Market Regulatory Authority) in Bahrain issues the Investor Visa, also known as the Businessman Visa, after obtaining approval from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Tourism (MOICT) and NPRA (Nationality, Passport & Residence Affairs).

Eligibility Criteria for an LMRA Investor Visa:

Foreign investors who own businesses in Bahrain are eligible for an LMRA Investor Visa, and there are no restrictions on the minimum investment amount.

This open and welcoming approach encourages entrepreneurs from all around the world to participate in Bahrain’s thriving business landscape.

Investor Visa in Bahrain
Investor Visa requirement

Requirements for an Investor Visa in Bahrain:

According to the latest guidelines from LMRA Bahrain and NPRA, the following documents are necessary for obtaining an Investor Visa:

Passport Copy: Just take a clear photo of your passport’s front page with your picture and passport number.

Commercial Registration Certificate Copy: This paper shows that your business is registered in Bahrain. It proves your company is legal there.

GAMCA Medical Certificate Copy: If you’re not in Bahrain when applying, you’ll need a medical certificate to show you’re healthy and fit to live in Bahrain.

Office Electricity Bill Copy (EWA): This bill is proof that your office is real and working in Bahrain. It shows your office has electricity and is running.

Commercial Registration Extract Copy: This paper gives more details about your business registration, like who owns it and who can sign for it.

Previous Resident Permit Copy (if you had one): If you’re renewing your residency or reapplying, show a copy of your old permit. It helps to prove you’ve been legal in Bahrain before.

Making sure you have these papers right can make getting your Investor Visa in Bahrain easier. And it’s always good to check if there are any new rules from LMRA or NPRA so you’re up to date!

Benefits of the Investor Visa in Bahrain:

By securing an Investor Visa in Bahrain, individuals can enjoy a host of benefits, including:

Businessman Status with Exclusive Privileges:

The Bahrain Investor Visa grants holders a prestigious "Businessman" status, bestowing them with unique privileges and recognition within the business community.

Unrestricted Multiple Entries to Bahrain:

With the Investor Visa, beneficiaries can freely enter and exit Bahrain as many times as needed without any restrictive limitations.

Eligibility for a 1-Year Multi-Entry eVisa for Saudi Arabia:

In addition to the benefits in Bahrain, the Investor Visa also offers the added advantage of qualifying individuals for a 1-year multi-entry eVisa for Saudi Arabia.

Facilitated Entry into Other Gulf Countries:

Holders of the Bahrain Investor Visa enjoy streamlined entry procedures into other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, creating a conducive environment for regional business activities.

Tax Advantages and Incentives:

The Investor Visa opens doors to attractive tax advantages and incentives, promoting a business-friendly environment. Beneficiaries can leverage these benefits to optimize their financial strategies and enhance their return on investment.

Residency for Family Members:

Investors, along with their immediate family members, can also obtain residency in Bahrain, creating a stable and comfortable living environment for the entire family.

Guideline to Investor that how to get investor Visa in Bahrain
business-presentation- for investor in Bahrain

Acquiring an Investor Visa in Bahrain:

The easiest and most efficient way to obtain a Residence Permit in Bahrain is through company formation. Foreign investors can set up a WLL (With Limited Liability) Company in Bahrain, where 100% foreign ownership is allowed for more than 350 types of businesses. As experienced company formation agents in Bahrain, our specialists at can assist you in obtaining an Investor Visa within 10-25 working days.

Cost of Investor Visa in Bahrain 2023:

The annual cost of an Investor Visa in Bahrain is BHD 172, which includes Basic Health Care fees (BHD 72) and the LMRA fee (BHD 100). The visa can be obtained for either 1 year or 2 years. Renewal options are available for 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years, with corresponding fees.

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